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The New Road

More wisdom from Seth Godin linked below.

It is easy for us to become comfortable doing it the way we have always done it. We assume that if we do it the way we have always done it we will get the results we have always got… Not so… Like it or not technology is changing our world and the practice of dentistry. If you insist on doing it the way you have always done it  you will get less and less in return as the world passes you by. Taking a new road is challenging and sometimes frightening. Most of the new roads we are facing in dentistry are technology related.

…but it doesn’ go anywhere, you just keep doing it over and over. Nine years of experience is very different from one year of experience, nine times.

You might be impatient or unable to stick to your decision to take this particular road, and thus you’re always starting on a new road. Since the new road is always strange to you, you rarely get any better at getting where you’re going.

via Seth’s Blog.

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