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Good Enough

 “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Witch means of course there comes a point in any human endeavor when it is good enough. Attempting to make it better or perfect is likely to just cause problems.

As dentists we are especially prone to this. We are by nature and training perfectionists and yet true perfection will always elude us. So where do we draw the line? What is good enough?

We make these decisions daily when doing clinical dentistry. Most dentists eventually develop a personal standard of excellence which they follow knowing that their work will still sometimes fail and that not every margin is perfect, but it is clinically acceptable. It is good enough.

We are faced with the same issues with technology. Is it perfect? No. Can it fail? Yes. Can it be better? Yes, but the time and expense to make it better do not justify it. Unfortunately some dentists will use this as an excuse.

XYZ system isn’t perfect, there is a possibility it might fail, and therefore I will not use it…So there.

I believe this attitude is, more often than not, an excuse that covers an even less acceptable belief. That is that the dentist does not understand the technology is frightened but will not admit ignorance or fear.

Don’t be paralyzed by a need for perfection. Understanding often comes with doing. Good enough is sometimes…good enough.

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