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The Promise at Technology’s Powerful Heart

From the WSJ:

As Moore’s Law turns 50, the revolution in computing it foretold is on the cusp of even more-radical progress

The great turning took place a decade ago, while we were all distracted by social networking, smartphones and the emerging banking crisis. Its breathtaking climb since tells us that everything of the previous 40 years—that is, the multi-trillion-dollar revolution in semiconductors, computers, communications and the Internet—was likely nothing but a prelude, a warm-up, for what is to come.

via The Promise at Technology’s Powerful Heart – WSJ.

A provocative look at technology now and in the future by Michael S. Malone. Malone is a well respected tech observer and writer. He makes the point that fifty years after Moore’s law was first presented we have passed a threshold and can expect even greater more amazing things from technology in the future.

If you plan to be in business in ten or twenty years it is an interesting read.

BTW WSJ articles are often hidden behind a pay wall. If you want to read the complete thing you can usually gain accesses by putting the whole title into Google .

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