The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak

From UpGuard:

In what is the largest known data exposure of its kind, UpGuardā€™s Cyber Risk Team can now confirm that a misconfigured database containing the sensitive personal details of over 198 million American voters was left exposed to the internet by a firm working on behalf of the Republican National Committee (RNC) …The data, which was stored in a publicly accessible cloud server owned by Republican data firm Deep Root Analytics, included 1.1 terabytes of entirely unsecured p

Source: The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak

The article indicates the data was exposed but not necessarily hacked or stolen. There is little actual risk to individuals and the exposed data is available elsewhere on public access sites. This is alarming but is most likely a non issue as far as actual damage to individuals is concerned.

However if you had a similar issue in your dental office. That is a data base that lacked approved protections you would be subject to huge punitive fines even if no one was actually damaged.

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