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The Top 10 Cities People Are Moving To

…a city move has never been more popular — but it depends on where you go. According to CNNMoney, which released Penske Truck Rental’s annual list (see below for more) of top cities to move to in the country, certain metros are experiencing huge growth when compared to years prior.


via The Top 10 Cities People Are Moving To, According To CNN Money (PHOTOS).

I do need to point out my town, Phoenix (shown above) is # 5. The success of our dental practices is often determined by location. A fledgling practice in a new and underserved suburban development will do much better than an older practice in a stagnant neighborhood with declining population.

There is a new online service called REALscore that can provide dentists with significant demographic information. Their reports include population, age, schools, income brackets, owners vs renters and more, both for real time and forecast into the future.

If you are buying a practice, selling a practice, building, moving or expanding this information can help you make good business choices. Even if you are just staying put knowing the demographics of your neighborhood now and projected into in the future will help you manage and grow effectively.

Here is an article explaining some of these issues by REALscore founder David James.

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