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The Ultimate USB Key

From PC Magazine. What a great idea for travelers or dental specialists who want to show cases at a colleagues office.

USB thumb drives have shown themselves to be a superior alternative to other portable media such as diskettes and writable optical discs. They’re smaller and can hold tons of data, and most current operating systems recognize them without needing any special drivers. …….

Most people don’t realize that these drives can also carry enough applications to serve as a personal office on the road, and can even contain a complete bootable operating system to provide total security when you are computing away from home. There are plenty of reasons to carry applications or an operating system on your USB drive: You’ll have your e-mail and instant messaging accounts, Internet bookmarks, log-on passwords, and even document templates instantly available on any computer you find in a hotel’s computer center, a home, or an office that you might visit.

Read the whole tip here Solutions by PC Magazine: The Ultimate USB Key plus some ideas on what to install on the USB drive and how to use it

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