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“Disintermediation.” Great word, isn’t it?,,

It’s hard to remember — and even harder to believe — but not terribly many years ago, the only sources of news were the major networks and major newspapers, along with a few special-audience magazines

Source: What Would the ‘One Word’ to a Graduate Be Today? | PJ Media

What this article refers to is the elimination of “the middle man” in many of our day to day activates. This is either a benefit or disadvantage of digital technology depending on your point of view. If you are the middle man it is horrible, however if you are the consumer getting more for less it seems pretty good.

Middle men are also commonly “gatekeepers” as well. That is they decide who does and who does not have access to the marketplace. Again digital technology has eliminated many of the traditional gatekeepers.

Dentistry is and will continue to be effected by disintermediation from both sides.

As consumers dentists will benefit from easy inexpensive access to products and information.

As licensed professionals dentist are classic gatekeepers. Dentists control who can call themselves a dentist and what treatments are offered. Although digital technology has made dental health information easy to find the fact is that most dental treatment still requires hands touching a patient.

Never the less tele-dentistry, long distance diagnosis and eventually robotic surgery will challenge the traditional practice of dentistry and professional licensure.

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