The Worst Technology Product Names…Ever from PC Magazine

The Worst Technology Product Names…Ever from PC Magazine

10 Terrible Tech Terms
“Motherboard” and “burning and ripping” music may not be the worst tech terms you’ve ever heard of, but here are 10 tech terms that we think are.

1. Dongle (The trouble seems to be with your dongle, sir.)
2. Wall wart (Three guesses: Wal-Mart’s nickname, a nasty disease contracted from walls, or a mall power-supply brick with a male plug.)
3. PMP (Are you a Portable Media Player PIMP?)
4. Nybble (A set of four bits.)
5. Hotswapping (Sounds dirty and sweaty, but it’s the ability to remove and replace components of a computer while it is operating.)
6. Blu-ray (Poor Ray. This disc formatting war has made him blue!)
7. Burst mode (Would you really want a mode named “burst” in your camera?)
8. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks, or bug spray.)
9. PUS (Potentially Unwanted Software that just sounds gross.)
10. Wiki (We’re all familiar with Wikipedia, but the actual term comes from the Hawaiian word “hurry up”. Okay. . .)

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