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Thinking about going “Paperless”?

Is it really possible to go paperless? How can I turn all this junk into a digital record? And why should I even bother?

The fact is that it is possible to create a completely paperless dental record. And going paperless can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Having a paperless record includes digital radiography one of the most exciting and fastest growing technologies in dentistry. And finally where the heck do you put this stuff?  Many dentists just assume there is no room for a computer or they stuff it somewhere between the sink and the glove dispenser … then wonder why it doesn’t work very well.

Four ways we can help you go “Paperless”

This Blog

It has close to 100 entries on going paperless and hundreds of others on digital radiography and office design dating back to 2005. It is all here with lots of links… and it is free.

Technology Guides

If you want all the information in one place these guides provide the very best from my past articles and seminars combined with the latest information to create these comprehensive step by step Technology Guides. Each one includes; basic philosophies, budgets, buying guides, examples, photos and diagrams all delivered in a fun and easy to understand style.

Available online here as a download for $99.00 each


Personal Coaching is for dentists who have a few questions, need some help making purchase decisions but don’t want a full onsite consultation. Coaching is based on an hourly rate ($285.00/ hr) and can be either on the phone or if you are in the Phoenix area Dr. Emmott can meet with you at his office. (Makes the Phoenix trip tax deductable.)

Onsite Consultation

Two days one on one in your office. When we come to your office we will first gather a lot of information about the practice, the computer system any high tech systems and the people in the office. From this we will create an inventory of where things are now.

Next we will find out from you what your goals and future vision are. In other words where you want to be.

From this information we will create a report outlining your current situation, an analysis of where you want to be, any barriers holding you back and then we will present a plan to get you where you want to go. The plan will include a time line, a budget, task lists and an implementation plan.

This is a great value; $3500.00 plus expenses (travel and lodging). More here.


Our purpose is to help dental practices save money save time and make wise technology choices. We will do this by providing dental offices with advice on the purchase and implementation of high tech products systems and services.

 Our focus is on people as well as technology and our loyalty is to our clients not to any one company or product.

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