General Management

Three Keys to Uncommon Success

Francis G. “Buck” Rogers, Director of Marketing for IBM back in its hayday stated it well… “It is not doing something 100% better, it is doing 100 things 1% better.” To thrive in the future you must have continuous improvement, the constant pursuit of excellence and how to do things right the first time.

Innovation, or constant quality improvement will allow you to be a leader in your field. According to futurist Joel Barker no one will always be the leader, but you want to be in the top four or five positions. If you are not in theses top positions you must price your services as a generic commodity.

Of course it would be easy if you really knew the future. The key advice here is not to settle for what you have now, don’t assume it will always be this way but anticipate where things will be in the future then get there before the rest of the crowd.

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