Time to Cut the Cord

This article linked below has two very interesting points that will effect dental offices. The first is that wired phone networks are going to disappear. Are you planning for that? Do you have an office cell phone? Are you using VOIP?

The second point is that…wait for it…here it is in all its obviousness…Times They are a Changin. To baby boomers, the telephone network seems like a permanent part of the world, ordained from on high never to be questioned…it just is. But wait, the imperial  telecom demigod ATT says the old telephone network is “obsolete”.

What else do you have in the office, either a product, service or technology that is or is soon to be obsolete? Let’s make a lsit.

“with each passing day, more and more communications services migrate to broadband and IP-based services, leaving the public switched telephone network (“PSTN”) and plain-old telephone service  (“POTS”)  as relics of a by-gone era.”

It also stated “It makes no sense to require service providers to operate and maintain two distinct networks when technology and consumer preferences have made one of them increasingly obsolete.”

via AT&T Tells FCC It’s Time to Cut the Cord – PC World Business Center.

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