Top 10 Tech Transformations of 2005

by Larry Emmott on January 1, 2006

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Some interesting observations  from New Media Musings:

Top 10 Tech Transformations of 2005

 Top 10 ways in which technology has impacted our culture during 2005, in no particular order.

1. The edges gain power. From the video and music worlds to politics and culture, power is increasingly flowing away from the media, from the political elites and from the corporate suits and into the hands of ordinary users

 2. Citizens media takes off.

3. The rise of Web 2.0.

4. Google grows into a colossus.

5. Skype hits 50 million users. 6. Social media become a force.

7. Cell phones get smart.

8. Print’s decline accelerates.

9. Podcasting becomes a movement.

10. The power of goodwill.

Honorable mention: Blogging gets big. Yes, blogging already made its impact with the 2004 election, if not before, but blogging achieved mainstream status in 2005 by dint of sheer numbers (over 24 million blogs today) and by its rising up alongside mainstream media as an influential part of the public’s media diet.



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