General Management

Training for a NEW system

Training is not an option it is essential. Sometimes dentists think that because training is priced separately it is optional and not really needed. That is stupid foolish! You will never get value from your technology investment without training.

Usually new systems start with two days of training. Some trainers will want you to take it all at once over a weekend and start up on Monday morning. That is one way to insure a blue or maybe a black and blue Monday. A better way is to break the training up into three or even four sessions. Start with a basic training of five to six hours then go live with the trainer on site. Then during the first week make note of all the things you don’t understand or can’t remember and have a second five to six hour session without patients within a week. Again note areas you are having problems with and have a third shorter session three to four weeks later. All training sessions include the doctor these are not times the dentists get to go golfing.

Finally plan and budget for additional training as time goes on. This could be to help you master a part of the program like perio charting or it could be to get new team members up to speed or to learn the changes in a new update.