Training Training Training

I just spent three days at a Dentrix training session. I learned a ton. I will be blogging many of the tips etc. in the next few days. In the meantime I wanted to say again that training is critical, it is an ongoing process, it is not a one time event.

If I learned a lot, and I am a big geek, then how much else is there for the “typical” dentist to learn.

Training , or I should say lack of training, is one of the two biggest mistakes I see dentists make with technology. I often talk with dentists and team members who are frustrated that Dentrix doesn’t do this or that and…it does! They have just not had the proper training.

BTW my trainer was Elizabeth Uebbing from the San Diego area. She was knowlegable, fun and good at explaining the topics. If you are in So. Cal, especially San Diego it would be a good investment to have her come to your office for a half day or so of focused training. More to come.

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