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by Larry Emmott on July 28, 2010

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 This Seth Godin blog link has his usual interesting and thought provoking take on things. It takes a look at the difference between paper and non paper writing. A subject that interests me quite a bit as I have transitioned from paper magazine writing to blogging and other e-publications.

It has other more direct implications for dentistry. We are in the midst of switching from paper charts and records to “paperless” records. Much of the resistence I encounter to paperless, or for that mater technology in general, has the same basis as the resistence Godin describes. People have vested interests in the stas quo and recognise the changes we are facing are both inevitable (Godin says newspspers and magazines are “doomed”) and far more reaching than the use or non use of paper.

…there’s no shortage of writing, or things to read. No shortage of news, either. And there doesnt appear to be one on the horizon. In fact, theres more news, more images and more writing available to more people more often than ever before in history.

via Seths Blog.

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