Tweeting My Way Out of Amtrak Hell

From Megan McArdle:

There’s no great lesson in this, really, but there is a thought: If you’d asked me to name the things that had changed in the last decade, this sort of thing would never have made my list. In fact, until I thought about it, remembering how recent Twitter and wireless Internet on Amtrak really are was hard. Technological progress is still improving our lives in ways we can’t really measure. But they are real

via Tweeting My Way Out of Amtrak Hell – Bloomberg.

Totaly non-dental. However this little story is a wonderful example of how ubiquitous technology has become in our lives. How easily we communicate and gather information. And how new technology ends up being used in ways never imagined by the inventors. As an aside for dental patients, when people know what to expect, when they know why things are happening they tend to be less anxious.

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