VR is poised to revolutionize dentistry

by Larry Emmott on April 26, 2018

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A complicated case is scheduled for tomorrow. You’ve already looked over the scans and come up with a treatment plan, but you still want a little extra preparation. So you load a file on your computer, slip on your virtual reality headset, and run through the case from start to finish. By the time your patient walks through the door the next day, you know exactly what you’re doing. After all, you’ve already run through the case once before.

No, this isn’t “Ready Player One,” “The Matrix,” or “Avatar,” but┬ájust one example of how virtual reality and its cousins augmented reality and mixed reality are poised to change the way dentists learn, practice, and interact with patients. From advanced simulated training modules to virtual experiences that have proved to reduce pain, VR and AR are taking hold in schools and clinics, and the possibilities of these technologies are just beginning to be explored.

This is the new age. The future is now.

Source: The future is now: Part 1 — VR is poised to revolutionize dentistry

The linked article is the first in a series.

We tend to think of Virtual Reality (VR) as a technology for games or perhaps the “Holodeck” on Star Trek. However VR has amazing potential for everyday use including as a teaching tool for dentists.

The next step is Augmented Reality (AR). AR allows the user to see actual reality with a virtual overlay. For example a surgeon could see the actual patient as well as a superimposed image of the patient’s bone beneath the tissue, generated by a CT scan and projected onto the AR goggles. The goggles could also display patient vitals, procedure check lists and other significant information.

We are already using a primitive AR system when we use our cars back up camera system.

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