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by Larry Emmott on January 25, 2010

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More good stuf from the Lioness Katherine Eitel

Com01The truth is we get something from complaining or we wouldn’t do it … something big:  sympathy and attention. And we like it.  Some of us crave it.  When we recognize that, it becomes at least somewhat easier to notice our tendency to “enjoy” and indulge in our own complaining.  When we complain, we get to act like we want something to be different without actually having to do anything about it.  And complaining adds nothing to the solution of a problem, the inherent joy of the day, or the opportunity of our present moment.   When we complain, we trade a temporary “feel good” for a more lasting feeling of empowerment and personal contribution to the flow of positive energy surrounding us.

This insight explains a lot. When I talk with dentists and their teams about using technology I often encounter nothing but complaints and excuses. Despite the fact that thousands of other dental offices have used some advanced technology effectively this office insists it is lousy technology and just won’t work for them.

By now I am sure you have heard the mantra of think positive, look for reasons to make it work not for reasons it won’t blah blah blah.

Sure you have heard it before and you might think it is obvious and trite, but the fact is your attitude does matter. That’s the truth so stop complaining about it.

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