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Washington Post to be sold to Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos

washington_post_logoOK this is totaly non dental but there is a BIG technology issue here.

The Washington Post Co. has agreed to sell its flagship newspaper to founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos, ending the Graham family’s stewardship of one of America’s leading news organizations after four generations.

Bezos, whose entrepreneurship has made him one of the world’s richest men, will pay $250 million in cash for The Post and affiliated publications to the Washington Post Co., which owns the newspaper and other businesses.

via Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos – The Washington Post.

Publishing is in the middle of radical technology driven disruption.

I have a side interest in publishing as I have been writing for dental magazines since the 70s and have experienced these changes. This blog is a reaction to the changes in publishing and reflects (in a very small way) the overall changes in the industry.

There is no doubt that the publishing business will be dramatically different in the future. So far it seems no one knows exactly how a new model will work, but we do know it will be different.

In related news the New York Times recently sold the Boston Globe for less than 7% of what they paid for it a few years ago. That is like buying something for $100 and then selling it for $7. That is disruption.

Of course the disruption is based on digital technology and the Internet. In dentistry we are faced with the same disruptive technology and will see similar dramatic shifts in how we do business.

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