What Not to Buy in 2005

Adopted from  PC Magazine:

Do not buy—802.11b: .
Maybe buy—802.11g: “g” is faster than “b,”  But it’s about to be supplanted by “n.”
Do buy—802.11 pre-n: There is some risk with this as the n standard is still developing.

Do not buy—CRTs: Those are the huge heavy old TV style monitors.
Maybe buy—large-screen CRT HDTVs: .
Do buy—LCD TVs and plasma displays: They’re thin, gorgeous, and expensive.

Do not buy—another ten-pack of 3.5-inch floppy disks: .
Maybe buy—CD-R discs: Writable CDs are super cheap and hold roughly 700MB of data..
Do buy—thumb-sized flash drives: Definitely one of my favorite inventions of the last ten years.

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