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What You Missed at Singularity Summit 2011

The Singularity Summit was held Oct 16 and 17 in New York. Following are some observations and a link to nice summary of the event. Of course this does not have a direct dental application except to observe that we will all be living in the future.

Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal, investor, and Singularity Institute board member) railed against the general public’s distrust and discomfort with technology.

And Steve Job’s making technology accessible and friendly? Said Thiel: “… a large part involves designing technology in order to hide it. And so the experience of iPad, iPhone is that it’s almost like magic. It fits the zeitgeist extremely well of a society which is actually not that technological and where it’s more a fashion statement.”

Ray Kurzweil (inventor, restless genius, and author of The Singularity is Near) believes the law of accelerating returns (exponential performance improvements as far as the eye can see) will overcome all those pesky objections from AI contrarians. His use of the e-word in his talk was exponential.

Stephen Wolfram (physicist, developer of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, genius) is impressed by the iPhone 4s and Siri (even though it’s a magical device that hides the technology). And optimistic about immortality: “I’m quite sure that in time for all practical purposes we will be able to fix our biology to keep things running forever.”

via Technoverse Blog | What You Missed at Singularity Summit 2011.

PS: I especially liked the bit about Apple products as “fashion statement”.

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