What’s Your Excuse?

Some wise words from Computime. I think they are wise because they essentially agree with my believe and experience.

One of the most common reasons dentists give for not implementing new technology is that it costs too much. On the other hand, one of the primary benefits dentists cite when they do invest in technology is cost savings.
So which is true? 

  • Is new technology
    Does new technology
        actually reduce costs?   

The not-so-simple answer is that both can be true – depending on your level of preparation and overall commitment to the project.
They key to achieving an immediate and substantial return on your technology investment is to start with a budget and an end-to-end plan. This will help you avoid the common pitfalls of time delays and unexpected expenses. A little planning goes a long way toward maximizing your investment.
Likewise, the only way to experience the benefits of any new technology is to actually use it, and use it as effectively as possible. Take the time to learn its features and understand the role it plays within your workflow. Make sure all staff members are comfortable using the new solution.
A failure to account for proper planning and implementation can turn any technology investment into wasted money.

My mission is to help dentists make wise choices and get a positive return on technology. If you need some help look here: