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What’s Your Hammer?

The excerpt and link below is from Seth Godin. The point is very significant in dentistry. I just spent two days at a Cerec meeting. As usual I was very impressed with the technology, (more later) however what was even more significant is that Cerec gives us a different hammer. In the past we had limited restorative options, in fact when I was trained (in the dark ages BB (before bonding) the only “aesthetic” option was a full coverage cemented PFM. And BTW it was an option¬†insurance would pay for. That means we did a lot of full coverage PFMs, it was all we had, so we destroyed a lot of healthy tooth and settled for the limited aesthetics and raggedy subgingival margins.

Cerec, and other indirect non metal restoratives, now allow us to provide a much better solution. However there are way too many dentists still stuck with the old PFM hammer. That’s all they know so that’s all they do.

One study found that when confronted with a patient with back pain, surgeons prescribed surgery, physical therapists thought that therapy was indicated and yes, acupuncturists were sure needles were the answer. Across the entire universe of patients, the single largest indicator of treatment wasn’t symptoms or patient background, it was the background of the doctor.

via Seths Blog.

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