Which Program?

I have been asked a few times what is the difference between the hands on program and Technology on the Rocks?

The topics are essentially the same.

Hands on is two days of lecture and hands on activities. Hands on include taking and imaging a digital photo, enhancing an x-ray and making a power point program. Total of 16 hours of class. No other events (except lunch). The next scheduled event is March 31– April 1.

Technology on the Rocks is more of a CE Vacation. It is in Sedona an amazing vacation destination. It is three days, the mornings are for recreation, biking or whatever. The afternoons are lecture. Four hours a day to qualify per IRS standards. For a total of 12 hours, lecture only, no hands on.This is scheduled for June 22–24.

Both programs will give you great information and save time and money.


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