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Why the Desktop Gets No Respect, and Should

PC Magazine columnist John Dvorak has a well deserved reputation as a techno curmudgeon. The column linked here is a good example.

He confronts the trendy meme that the desktop is dead, little more than an appliance, and future computing will be all about mobile devices and the Internet. But computers don’t drive themselves. In fact Dvorak goes so far as to suggest that computer users be required to show a basic level of computer driving skill and be licensed just as we demand of people before we allow them to drive a car. 

Even better, if you, as a computer user do something especially foolish your computer would be confiscated for your own good. 

So what’s wrong with this picture? Why are dipstick apps that really do very little except amuse monkeys getting so much personal attention?

via Why the Desktop Gets No Respect, and Should | John C. Dvorak |

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