Windows dressing: Customise your Desktop

The look of the computer desk top, the colors, the photos and the screensavers should be consistent with the look of the practice. Create custom desktops with your practice name or logo. And don’t use lame windows screen savers make your own that enhance your practice. The article below from Computeractive will show you how to do it.

Posted here – Computeract!ve

Windows dressing: Customize your Desktop
Say goodbye to that stale Windows Desktop. We show you how to modify every aspect of your workspace
Will Stapley, Computeract!ve 24 Oct 2005

If you find yourself staring at the standard Windows wallpaper, listening to same dull jingle each time your PC starts up and using run-of-the-mill screensavers, it’s time for a change.
In this feature, we’ll not only show you how to make quick and effective changes to the appearance of Windows, we’ll guide you through the process of customizing your entire Desktop, including creating your own screensaver.

Read the whole article linked above for easy step by step instructions.

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