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In older versions of Windows it used to twist my monkey when the system scolded me for failing to shut down properly after a crash (a frequent occurance with some versions). Now the error messages are some what more polite and even offer to let me send my error to Microsoft. Personally I really only want to send it if it goes directly to Bill Gates e-mail. However realistically should we send those messages? Here is what PC Magazine has to say.

Windows XP Error Reports
By Sheryl Canter
When a program crashes under Windows XP, a dialog box may ask you to send an error report to Microsoft (see Figure 1 ). Does sending a report do any good? More important, do error reports contain private information about you?
Windows Error Reporting (WER), introduced with Windows XP, lets users send detailed reports when programs crash and lets vendors inform users of fixes and workarounds for reported errors. The error reports are stored in a password-protected database.

Programs must be specially written to use WER. Microsoft uses WER in all recent programs and strongly encourages other companies to do the same. There is no charge for using the system. The list of participating vendors is long and the feedback has been positive. Representatives at Zone Labs say that WER has quickly alerted them to incompatibilities with new operating systems and patches.

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