Wireless Rocks! …..but

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Get up to speed with wireless networking
The latest wireless technologies are all touted as having faster data transfer speeds and greater ranges. Just don’t expect them to work with future devices
Niall Magennis, Computeract!ve 24 Oct 2005

Over the past few years it has become so much easier to set up a wireless network. ………… now that manufacturers have us hooked on wireless, they’re starting to tempt us with new technology that can transmit and receive data at faster rates, over much greater distances.
The problem is that, at present, equipment with this new technology doesn’t conform to any official standard. …………… if you make the leap before it is ratified, the equipment might not be compatible with networking products released in the future.

Read the whole article from the link above. It is just another reminder that you don’t necessarily want to be the first on the block with the very newest technology.

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