Word of Mouth 2.0

by Larry Emmott on July 5, 2010

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Click through to this article from the Doctorbase blog. Some very interesting statistics and observations. They see Facebook as the answer. I am still reserving judgement on Facebook in particular on the other hand I have no doubt social media is the awesome, huge, mega force of the future.

 A recent report from Nielsen (the TV & Internet ratings people) found that around 40% of patients trust online advertising, while 70% of patients trust reviews – even if they’re from complete strangers. This explains the emerging popularity of reviews sites like Yelp. But, as many of you know all too well, these sites can also lack the transparency patients are looking for…Nielsen also found that 90% of patients trusted recommendations from people they already know. 

via DoctorBase – Online Reviews, Internet Marketing, & Word-of-Mouth Marketing Advice for Dentists & Physicians.

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