30 Years of the PC

by Larry Emmott on August 19, 2011

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The PC didn’t magically appear in its current wide-screen, multi-core, HD/3D viewing form overnight. It took many years (30, to be exact) to evolve from the venerable IBM PC of 1981 to the high-powered tech gadgets of today.

Follow the link to a fun look at PC development over the last thirty years. I graduated dental school in 1977. The first IBM PC hit the market four years later in 1981 followed closely by the first Apple computers in 1983 -84. By the way, in today’s dollars that first PC cost $7,564. It has been great being part of the revolution and it will be fun for geeks like me to look back over some of the developments and see the birth of some truly revolutionary developments like the founding of AOL in ’85, the introduction of “Windows” in ’87, the launch of the World Wide Web in ’91, Amazon in ’95, Google in ’98, Facebok in 2004 and iPad in 2007.

Of course some other truly revolutionary new ideas and developments are being born right now and we have no idea how important they will be in the future. But I do know that the future is coming and it will be Amazing!

via 30 Years of the PC: A Timeline | PCMag.com.

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