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6 steps to better home (and Dental Office) Wi-Fi

When Americans were recently asked what slice of life they couldn’t live without, Wi-Fi came in second – behind food – and, yes, ahead of sex!

Source: 6 steps to better home Wi-Fi | The Charlotte Observer

Of course the six steps also apply to better WiFi in the dental office. The most basic step is to get the router in a central location well off the ground and away from big metal obstacles.

More and more items are coming equipped with some form of Internet connection. For example your CAD CAM system can connect to the mill or to a lab via the Internet. Or major equipment can connect to the Internet and thus to the service provider to warn of impending failure or the need for routine maintenance.  WiFi is now fast enough to accommodate everyday dental practice networking and some dental offices are moving toward mobile devices like a Surface to replace the wired desktop in the treatment rooms. Many dental offices even provide free WiFi for patients. Just be sure to set up proper security measures to keep snoopers and hackers out of the dental data.

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