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8 Devices That Can Fix Your Wi-Fi Signal Problems

Yes, this is a problem

One of the biggest causes of discussion, pondering, and frustration surrounding wireless networks at home and work is dead spots. You know, those places in your house where your wireless router’s signal never quite reaches,

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In the past I have always advised dentists to set up a wired network in the office as the primary network and consider a wirelsss network only as a secondary system. One reason for this was the common problem of dead spots as discussed in the linked article above. However WiFi boosters can often solve these issues. In fact my home network had some extreme dead spots and I used the Netgear extender shown here and in the article and have been mostly happy.

Unfortunately the booster does have a tendency to stop working at seemingly random intervals. I do not know if this is a result of the booster, my primary router or my cable service. It is frustrating but not horrible at home. On the over hand if it stopped working in the office it would be a much bigger hassle.

The latest WiFi systems are much faster and more reliable than in the past however in most cases I still think a wired network should be your first choice. If you use a wired system and encounter dead spots a booster can be a great help.

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