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Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and others make health data pledge to Ease Patient, Provider Access to Health Data

From CNBC:

There are many broken things about the U.S. health care system. But one of the biggest and most overlooked problems is that patients still find it too hard to share their medical information between doctors, especially those working in different hospitals.

Source: Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and others make health data pledge

This is the primary issue of interoperability or more accurately the lack of interoperability I have been ranting about for years. (more)

Having the attention of the big tech giants has to be a good thing. However the issues in medicine are so complex and the existing systems so entrenched I fear it will be quite some time until we see general interoperability in medicine and dentistry.

Sadly with this issue dentistry is somewhat hostage to medicine. In dentistry we have had functional e-records for years, However they do not necessarily comply with federal EHR mandates.  The EHR mandates are extremely complex, designed by bureaucrats not practicing physicians and they are driving many physicians nuts.

Three areas I would love to see interoperability are digital patient records, digital radiographs and digital impressions.

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