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Anatomage Visage

You have to see this to appreciate how cool it is.

Anatomage introduces an innovative, touchscreen device which provides truly interactive volume information and images like never before. Patients and doctors can engage in interactive 3D consultations together with life-size 3D visualizations that are both immersible and impressive to patients.

Users can rotate, zoom and move 3D anatomy with the touch of a finger. Leave unforgettable impressions on your patients by displaying their own 3D conebeam CT scan data images and manipulating it in front of them with your fingertips.

via Anatomage Product-Visage.

I saw and played the dental version at the 3D congress and was blown away. It is very intuitive, easy to use extremely impressive as a WOW factor for patients. I can not say with certainty it will increase case acceptance but it sure impressed me. I imagine any patient seeing one of these in use in a dental office would automatically assume the dental office was up to date and using the best possible techniques.

Besides it is just waaay cool.

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