Apple iPad vs. the World

by Larry Emmott on November 1, 2010

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 The iPad is an amazing well designed device. However it is far from perfect for dentistry. The PC Magazine article linked below looks at some alternatives to the iPad. The HP slate 500 seems like it might be a good choice for dentists running Windows software (most of us).

Finally, the tablet market is getting exciting. Since Apple’;s tablet was introduced back in January, it’s been pretty much all iPad, all the time. While there have been contenders (remember JooJoo?), none have really made their mark. It took several months, but now we have some viable tablet alternatives…

If you want a tablet for work first, the business-centric HP Slate 500 is geared toward vertical markets, and runs Windows 7 Professional, so it’s more like a laptop without a physical keyboard. There aren’t any apps designed specifically for the Slate, but you could easily add Microsoft Office for productivity, or any other PC software really, since it’s a Windows-based device.

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