Apple’s $999 Mac Pro Display XDR monitor stand is the most Apple thing ever

FromĀ  ZDNet:

But the ultimate Apple accessory, the one that says that money is no object, has to be the new Mac Pro Display XDR monitor stand, priced at a cool $999.

Yes, you read that right. The new Mac Pro — starting price $5,999 — doesn’t come with a display, and the 32-inch 6k Retina Pro Display XDR — starting price $4,999 — that Apple is pitching to Mac Pro users doesn’t come with a stand.

…Yup, the base Mac Pro with a base Pro Display XDR display and the stand will set you back $12,000.

…And remember you can hook up six Pro Display XDR displays to a Mac Pro. With stands, that’s a minimum of $42,000 on peripherals alone.

Source: Apple’s $999 Mac Pro Display XDR monitor stand is the most Apple thing ever | ZDNet

The tech net is buzzing with the news that Apple wants to sell us a $999 monitor stand. Not a monitor but the stand to hold it up. The stand costs more than the newest iPhone. Some people are angry but most are bemused.

There a re a number of die hard Mac fanboy dentists who insist on using Apple and Mac in the dental practice. I understand the feeling. Mac products are elegant and high quality. However you pay dearly for the privilege of using them.

There is an adequate dental software that runs on Mac. However none of the radiography systems, CBCT or 3D scanners are designed for MAC.

A dentist can run a dental office using MAC products however the dentist will need to spend significantly more on hardware than a dentist using Windows systems.