Hardware Management

The “Best” Tech investment for Dentists

Do some deep and serious soul searching and answer this fundamental question; are you a nerd? Are you the person all your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues come to with their computer problems? Or are you the target audience for all those technology for dummies books?

It would be nice and simple especially for the “dummies” if there was one, can’t miss, magic bullet, super wow technology that you could buy that would instantly assure you immeasurable success as a dentist. Unfortunately that super wow technology does not exist. To the contrary the most important technology you need to invest in is a plain old boring wired network with a server and work stations in every room.

Wait a minute; you may be saying to yourself especially if you are an “nerd”, a plain old vanilla network, that is so last century. I want a wireless cloud based system I can access on my oh so cool iPad. If you are thinking this way there is a one word answer; Betamax.

There is nothing that will provide greater functionality and pay off faster than a complete network.

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