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Are You Being Restricted by Your Software’s TWAIN Compatibility Policy?

AngerCGrrr, This is the kind of thing that makes me want to re-boot the dental tech industry into next week.

TWAIN is the universal communication protocol that allows software to open files captured with another device…

While the majority of software developers play fair, allowing any image to be opened within the program, not everyone is being so open. Some manufacturers restrict TWAIN capability to prevent or discourage the use of third-party hardware. These companies may start off by allowing unrestricted compatibility and then requiring a monthly fee for this same access.

via The Digital Image Stream | Are You Being Restricted by Your Software’s TWAIN Compatibility Policy?.

The linked article describes a dental tech company that wants to charge for the use of TWAIN. That is like Dell charging you extra every time you plugged in a USB cable or Apple charging every time you used WiFi.

This goes to one of my biggest peeves with dental tech, closed proprietary systems. It is common practice in dentistry for vendors to sell us closed systems that demand we use only their products. This is great for the vendor but bad for us and our patients. They will do this as long as we let them.

Demand interoperability. When a salesman tries to sell you a system that charges for TWAIN or restricts you from using any other product; laugh at them and go to their competitor.

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