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Blue Tooth for Patient Comfort

I913Patients really don’t like the sound of the dental drill. Heck, I don’t like it. Patients really don’t want to be in your chair. A great way to help patients zone out and reduce the drill sound is with music (or some sound) and headphones.

New technology has made this easier and easier. Patients can select from any music they like with their own i-pod (Mp3) player or from an online music source. These blue tooth headphone from i-luv use a blue tooth connection so there is not need for more wires getting in the way. They also have a noise cancelling function so the drill noise will be reduced even more.

Free yourself from tangled wires and city noises
The i913 frees you from the tangle and limitations of wires using Bluetooth wireless technology. Not only that, but outside sounds that interfere with pure music enjoyment or that create a distraction during an important phone call virtually disappear helping you focus on what you want to hear and not on what you have to hear.

Free yourself from tangled wires and city noises