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Break the Desktop

cartThis concept seems obvious today but it hasn’t always been obvious and some people still need a little help with the concept. In most cases the computer of choice for the dental treatment room is a desktop style. Desktop computers have three major components; a monitor, inputs (keyboard and mouse) and a box or tower. Desktops are designed to be used by a single user sitting at a desk. If the user is sitting at a desk in an office it is logical to line the three components up in a vertical stack; the monitor is on the desk at eye level, the inputs are just below that and the tower is on the floor to the right so you can feed in a disk.

When computers were first moved to the treatment rooms we tried to recreate the vertical stack with a mini desktop. We put them on carts and some offices even built in little desks on the assistant’s side of the room.

However we found we don’t use computers that way in the back office. There are multiple users, dentist and assistant. Multiple people need to view the monitor, dentist patient and assistant, often at the same time. And the tower has various inputs such as cameras, x-ray sensors, computer probes, and more which will come in and out of the box many times during the day.

Don’t try to create a mini desk in the treatment room for the computer with a cart or built in. Break up the components and put them where they need to be for efficiency in the dental treatment room.

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