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CES 2011 Preview: Tablets

CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) opens this week in Las Vegas. PC Magazine will be covering the event from preview to review. One such preview is linked below.

I have been following and blogging up a storm (well maybe a cloud burst) about tablet computers. Linked below is another look at the coming tablets and a discussion of the most anticipated tablet development for 2011 the introduction of the Android Honeycomb OS which is the Android Phone system optimized for a tablet.

Last year I predicted we would be hearing a lot about tablets and there would be a big push to get dentists to use them in the office but that very few dentists would actually use them. That is in fact what happened.

This year I anticipate that dentists will actually start to use tablets in select areas. Such as taking histories or showing educational info. Tablets will lend themselves to treatment room use if we can take radiographs using them That means a USB port (which the iPad famously does not have).

FYI previous tablet blog posts can be found here, here and here.

A few weeks after CES, we had the Apple iPad, and a new product category with a clear leader was officially born. Since then, it feels like someone poured water on the tablet category or fed it after midnight. The sheer multitude of tablets seems to multiply like gremlins,

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