CES best new product – Info Scope

I saw this device mentioned in a couple of articles. It sounds very interesting, it is hard to picture from the description, but I can’t seem to get a decent image of it.

…my favorite thing this year, the Intel “Info Scope.” To be honest, this actually took some getting used to. It’s a giant wall of instant, touchable information that morphs into different shapes and sizes as it, well, lives. Kind of like the information that touches (or hits, or glances off of) our lives every day. In a world of instant facts and opinions, and the devices that bring them to us (and nowhere in the world is all that shown more than right here, right now), this is everything writ large. It’s jaw-dropping, it’s wonderful, it’s too much, it’s too in your face, and it’s very futuristic. As an Intel executive told me, “It’s just the beginning of what we’ll be doing with our information. And, we’ll probably do it on something much smaller.”

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