Defrag Mythbusters

This is a good companion to Anti-Buzz from last week regarding defrag. It is taken from a Diskeeper white paper by Thomas Faulkner.

Five DeFrag Myths

Myth: My system or network doesn’t have fragmentation.

Wrong. It is estimated that there are over 700 million PCs actively-in-use in the world today, and every single one of them has fragmentation issues to one degree or another.

Myth:I already have defrag software preinstalled in my operating system.

There is a kind of defragmentation software that comes pre-installed with many operating systems – but it is a technological dinosaur.

Myth: I have to replace my computer due to slow performance.

Not necessarily. It is very possible, that a defrag of the system with a high quality defragmenter will restore your ailing system or network to maximum performance.

Myth: Using defrag software is a hassle.

Modern defragmentation software is lightening fast compared to old pre-installed systems and the best ones are completely automatic

Myth:Defrag software is expensive.

Research shows that increased productivity, the reduction of down-time, and increased longevity of hardware with proper defrag systems make the relatively low cost of the software insignificant.

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