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Do You Need To Upgrade Your Technology?

When income declines, (due to the general economy or whatever,) one of the first places dentists look to cut costs is IT (technology). However a good argument can be made that IT is the last place to cut as good technology properly utilized will save you money.

The following five situations indicate you may need to do some IT upgrading.

  1. Your business is growing.
  2. You’re having constant problems.
  3. Your team’s roles are changing.
  4. There’s a new release.
  5. You’ve built a “duct-tape” system.

Some thoughts on how to best spend limited IT dollars in a dental office.

  • Maintain your support agreement especially if it includes software upgrades
  • Get training for the whole office on your Practice Management System
  • Purchase and use e-services to eliminate administrative busy work
  • Upgrade any computers over four years old

Some thoughts on where to spend more substantial IT dollars on major systems. (In order)

  • Network with computers in all treatment rooms
  • Digital Radiography
  • Practice Web Page
  • Go “Paperless”

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