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Everything from 1991 Radio Shack Ad Now on Your Phone


There are 15 electronic gimzo type items on this page, being sold from America’s Technology Store. 13 of the 15 you now always have in your pocket.

Source: Everything from 1991 Radio Shack ad I now do with my phone | Trending Buffalo

One of the collateral benefits of digital technology is that devices are multi-function. You do not need a different machine to make a phone call, tell the time and listen to music. This is so obvious with smart phones yet dental vendors still try and sell us stand alone machines to do each function. Think CAD-CAM, CBCT and Diagnostics.

Not only is everything available on a phone it costs a whole lot less. The items listed below come to just over $3,000.

  • Personal stereo, $11.88
  • AM/FM clock radio, $13.88
  • In-Ear Stereo Phones,
  • Microthin calculator, $4.88
  • Tandy 1000 TL/3, $1599 (games and word processing)
  • VHS Camcorder, $799
  • Mobile Cellular Telephone, $199
  • Mobile CB, $49.95
  • 20-Memory Speed-Dial phone, $29.95
  • Deluxe Portable CD Player, $159.95. 80 minutes of music, or 80 hours of music?
  • 10-Channel Desktop Scanner, $99.55. (Scanner App)
  • Easiest-to-Use Phone Answerer, $49.95
  • Handheld Cassette Tape Recorder, $29.95
  • BONUS :  At the bottom of the ad, it says ‘check your phone book for the Radio Shack Store nearest you.’  Do you even know how to use a phone book?

My phone has a whole lot of other functions that aren’t even listed, like GPS, Appointment Book and Weather Station.

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