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Everything You Need to Know to Start 3D Printing

From Popular Mechanics:

3D printers build things by depositing successive layers of material, a process called additive manufacturing. Most use a mechanism that’s like a cross between an inkjet printer and a hot-glue gun: A plastic filament feeds into a heated printhead, which dispenses hot goo that quickly cools and hardens.

via Everything You Need to Know to Start 3D Printing – Popular Mechanics.

A quick guide to buying a 3D printer here: Very basic entry level at $200 up to $2200 replicator that can also mill and cut.

UPDATE: Related, Two years after a horrific motorcycle accident left Stephen Power’s face mangled, pioneering 3D printing technology has helped reconstruct it…

“Without this advanced technology, it’s freehand. You have to guess where everything goes. The technology allows us to be far more precise and get a better result for the patient,” consultant maxillofacial surgeon Adrian Sugar said

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