EVGA Releases Innovative Dual-Display Monitor – Gearlog

I have been using multiple monitors for years. In fact I had four in my private office. Here is a slick dual monitor set up from EVGA.


Heres where it gets fun: the displays can each swivel vertically, so you can view both from a comfortable angle, or arrange one for a friend to view.

via EVGA Releases Innovative Dual-Display Monitor – Gearlog.

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Hmm not so sure about such a gigant in the practice.
Absolutely great for graphics, webdesign or music production (one project on one side and all tools, plugins and so on on the other side) but I am not sure what to put on the second screen. I would prefer a big flat tv that is connected to the pc as well as it can serve everything from a cosy chimney, patients photos to dvd’s

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