Hardware Security

External Hard Drives for back up

Look Here for details 3.5-inch Pushbutton Backup External Hard Drives – Seagate Technology

Fast, Versatile, High-Capacity Storage
Available in a wide range of capacities, these compact, durable drives are ideal for all your business and personal storage needs. You can easily protect and access everything from multimedia presentations and digital photos to MPEG video and DVDs.

High-performance 7200-RPM drives, with 8-Mbyte or 16-Mbyte cache.

On/off button eliminates concerns that your hard drive hasn’t been shut down safely.

Built-in self-monitoring technology continuously checks your hard drive for data safety and drive performance.

Advanced software lets you quickly retrieve files.

Designed to run much cooler than other external drives.

Hot-swappable, so you can connect and disconnect without turning off your computer.

Complete with USB 2.0 cable, FireWire 1394a cable*, AC adapter and power cord, quick installation guide and backup software CD.

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