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FDA: Medical device cybersecurity necessary, but optional

From Ars Technicha:

The US Food and Drug Administration released guidance last week in which it suggested that medical-device manufacturers consider the dangers of hacking in the design of their products, while not requiring countermeasures…

Security researchers have shown that a variety of medical devices canĀ be hacked, putting their users in danger. In 2013, for example, a number of larger systems–such as ventilators, patient monitors, and surgical and anesthesia devices–were found to have hardcoded passwords, letting unauthorized users access the systems. In 2011, a hacker showed that many wireless insulin pump modelsĀ are vulnerable to attacks, raising the specter that a fatal dosage could be triggered by an over-the-air attack.

via FDA: Medical device cybersecurity necessary, but optional | Ars Technica.

If it is connected it is hackable. Related.

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