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Flexicord | The 2009 CES Innovation Award Winning Cable

HomePageBottomBannerThis is a relatively low tech solution for an aggravating high tech problem; cord control. Flexicord can be coiled or bent into any shape and then it keeps that shape, it doesn’t spring back and it doesn’t lie on the ground getting in the way.

The coil form is nice but it doesn’t end there, it can be shaped to follow the edge of the monitor stand or to follow down the counter behind the computer. If you want to move an item it is easy with enough extra cord but not a lot of extra getting in the way.

Flexicord™: always the right length
The award-winning Flexicord™
Single-cord solution for cables up to ten feet in length
– Shipped as a compact coiled cable
– Can be extended to 10 feet
– Holds its shape without recoiling
– Includes simple re-coiling tool
– 2009 CES Innovations Award Honoree
– Available in HDMI, Cat5e, RCA phono jack, S-video and USB varieties

Flexicord | The 2009 CES Innovation Award Winning Cable.